MT4 iphone

MT4 Trading Platform For iPhone Users

Fxedeal MT4 iPhone Trader is developed specifically for iPhone users to offer them the advantages of the rich features of the MT4 platform so that they can trade on the go using an internet connection. Users can access their account and place trade orders wherever they are.

You can download the app here Click here

Features of the Fxedeal MT4 iPhone App

  • Live order monitoring
  • One-click trading and execution
  • Account detail monitoring can be done dynamically
  • Complete trade history is available
  • Tick-charts available with real-time data
  • Trading operations can be performed with ease
  • Hedging is allowed
  • Manage instant and pending orders

Advantages of the Fxedeal MT4 iPhone Trader

  • Trade modification is allowed
  • Manage stop-loss and take-profit levels
  • Access detailed trading history
  • 24x7 support
Fxedeal is your forex trading platform!